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    Life Coaching in South Carolina for Autism or ADHD

    Are you autistic, or an ADHDer, living in South Carolina?  Do you wonder what comes next, after your diagnosis? Just because you’re neurodivergent doesn’t mean you need therapy, if you’re not depressed or overly anxious. But maybe you’d benefit from having someone to talk to, someone who will listen and really understand you. If you sometimes feel at loose ends, unable to organize your life or make decisions, maybe Life Coaching is for you.

    What is Life Coaching?

    Life Coaching is a process that helps people increase their executive function skills like time management, setting and reaching goals, increasing productivity and self-esteem, and dealing with life’s challenges. Many people in The Palmetto State of South Carolina find it helpful to have an advisor or problem-solving partner to bounce ideas off of, someone who could help with accountability. Life coaching is not therapy or counseling, though. If you are living with significant anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, then psychotherapy or counseling is recommended. If not, consider Life Coaching. It might be right for you.

    What is unique about Neurodiversity Affirming Life Coaching?

    Neurodiversity Affirming Life Coaching requires the deeply held belief that neuro-differences are to be respected. There is nothing wrong with having a unique or different brain or style of thinking and learning. At Adult Autism Assessment & Services, we have Life Coaches who are ready to see South Carolinians today.  All of our Life Coaches are neurodiversity-affirming. They don’t see autism or ADHD as a disease, disorder, or problem to be solved. Your Coach will never try to change you or tell you to be more like the neuro-majority. They’re here to listen to what you want to achieve in your Life Coaching experience, not to tell you what they think you need. You are in the driver’s seat with your Life Coaching sessions.

    Why do people in South Carolina choose Life Coaching?

    People across the state of South Carolina, from Bennettsville in the north to Beaufort in the south, are looking for a Life Coach. They may want someone to help them with specific challenges they’re facing.  You don’t have to deal with your daily issues, such as organization, planning, and problem-solving, on your own. You can have a partner. Whatever coaching support you need, we can help.

    What are the Benefits of Life Coaching in South Carolina?

    Life Coaching brings many benefits to people in South Carolina and across the United States. It’s a good choice for anyone who doesn’t need therapy but wants to work with someone who understands them and wants to see them succeed in life.

    Here are some other examples of the benefits of Life Coaching:

    Life Coaching is practical

    You can meet with your Life Coach on your own terms, from your own home, by telehealth. You decide how often you want to schedule your coaching sessions.

    Life Coaching is productive

    You can move forward at your own speed. You choose how high you set your goals and how quickly you want to pursue them.

    Life Coaching is personalized

    You can work on the things that are most important to you. Your Life Coach will not tell you what you should work on. You are in control of your own coaching program so that it is just right for you.

    Life Coaching is priced right

    You can save money with Life Coaching, as compared to traditional therapy. At Adult Autism Assessment & Services, Life Coaching is one of our most affordable service options.

    What Kinds of Life Coaching Programs are Available in South Carolina?

    There are several options South Carolinians can choose from, or you may create your own direction for your Life Coaching experience.

    Self-Diagnosis Without Imposter Syndrome Life Coaching Program

    Maybe you’re pretty sure you’re autistic, or that you have ADHD. You’ve read about it, and you’ve watched TikTokers and YouTubers sharing about their own neurodiversity. You see yourself and your own experiences and history reflected in what you see and read.

    So, if you already know that you’re an autist, or an ADHDer, do you really need a formal diagnosis?

    Well, if you need to request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) then your HR department at work or the Disabled Students Services department at your college or university may require a formal, written diagnosis. If you don’t need a piece of paper to get your needs met, though, you may be able to self-diagnose and save the money you would have spent on a diagnostic assessment. Many people do self-diagnose, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Who else knows your history, your behaviors, and your responses, better than you do yourself? No one. You know how to research online, and you know yourself, so self-diagnosis makes sense.

    But, do you still wonder if you’re right about your own diagnosis?

    Imposter syndrome is real.

    Image of a sunset behind a directions sign. Showing that life coaching can help give you direction in South Carolina. Through time management coaching and dating coaching.Many people struggle with self-doubt. If you’d like to consult with a Life Coach who understands self-diagnosis, someone who can help you dispel your doubt and imposter syndrome, then this Life Coaching program may be for you. Your Life Coach can’t diagnose you, and if you need a formal diagnosis, you should ask for a free consultation with one of our assessors. On the other hand, if you want to feel more confident in what you already know about yourself if you want to reflect and talk to someone who gets it, then maybe Self-Diagnosis Without Imposter Syndrome is for you. You can choose either a brief, single-session, or you can dive deeper with multiple sessions until you feel affirmed in your own self-diagnosis.

    Time Management Life Coaching

    A lot of autists and ADHDers find time management to be particularly challenging. They’d love to get a handle on it, but time keeps slipping between their fingers. They end up apologizing again and again for being late and missing appointments. You’re smart, capable, and successful in many areas of your life, but still, you struggle with time management. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from Life Coaching for Time Management.

    Many people find it helpful to work with a Life Coach on the various aspects of Time Management that affect them, such as Time Comprehension, Time Planning, or Time Transitions.

    Time Comprehension

    If you feel like time is a mystery, and you can’t predict whether a task will take 15 minutes or two hours, then Time Comprehension Life Coaching can help.

    Time Planning

    If your issue is with organizing your time, planning out your days, weeks, and months so you can get the things done that you know you’re capable of, then you might want Time Planning Life Coaching.

    Time Transitions

    If it’s extremely difficult for you to switch gears and change from one activity to another, you might benefit from Time Transition Life Coaching, with tips and strategies for making transitions easier.

    If any one or more of those time challenges are true for you, then you might benefit from Time Management Life Coaching, personalized to fit your needs.

    Dating Life Coaching

    A lot of neurodivergent people in South Carolina are looking for a Dating Coach. They want someone they can talk to about their dating experiences, hopes, and dreams. It can help to have a neutral third party to provide a different perspective, give you confidence, and help you take the steps you want to move forward into your future.

    Choose Your Own Adventure Life Coaching

    A lot of people living in South Carolina are looking for tips and strategies for personal life organization, decision-making, self-advocacy, or coping with sensory or social stressors. With Choose Your Own Adventure, you decide what you want to work on. Your Life Coach is there for you. If you’re not sure what you want to work on, discuss your ideas with your coach and they help you find the direction that’s right for you. A free consultation can help. Choose your own Life Coaching adventure, and you can set your own goals with your coach at your side to help you achieve them.

    Is Life Coaching Effective?

    Image of a light house. Showing how Life coaching can help guide you whether you are in Dallas or Houston or anywhere in Texas.Whether you live in a big city like Columbia and Charleston, or in a more remote area like Daufuskie Island or Due West, you can see many benefits from online Life Coaching. Autistic adults have grown to accept and appreciate their unique brains and celebrate the wonder of their neurodivergence, while also learning to let down their masks and live their lives as they choose. Adults with ADHD have taken control of their time and goals, rather than being pulled away by every sparkly thing or squirrel that crosses their path. Highly sensitive adults have developed coping strategies to let them participate in the world without becoming overwhelmed by it. What do you want to get out of your Life Coaching?

    Begin Life Coaching in South Carolina with Adult Autism Assessment & Services.

    Wherever you live in the Palmetto State, from Greenville to Georgetown, you can have Life Coaching services that are right for you, from the comfort of your own home. Start with a free, 30-minute online consultation with one of our Life Coaches. Our Practice Manager at Adult Autism Assessment, the marvelous Meagan, can get you started. Email her at [email protected] or call her at (503) 850-2361 and ask for a free consultation. She’ll take it from there.

    One of South Carolina’s state mottos is, “While I breathe, I hope.” As a South Carolinian, you might take this optimistic outlook to heart. You deserve to live your best, truest, and most authentic life. Invite a Life Coach to come alongside you as a partner on your life journey.

    Other Services We Offer in South Carolina

    Besides life coaching, we also offer a variety of other services in South CarolinaOregonWashington, and Texas. As well as FloridaColoradoCaliforniaWashington, and throughout the United States! This includes online therapy, ADHD assessments, and autism assessments.