• Have you ever wondered
    if you might be autistic?
    Discovering the truth
    can open doors
    to understanding and support.


    Do you wonder if you might be on the autism spectrum? Perhaps you’ve felt different your whole life and struggled with social communication, trying to fit in. Did it seem like everybody else had a secret rule book for how to make friends?

    If you are intelligent and pretty good at “masking” or pretending to be “normal,” it’s no surprise that you weren’t diagnosed as a child. Now, we know a lot more about autism. It looks different for cisgender women, trans, and non-binary folk than it looks for cis men, different for adults than for children, and different for those with average or higher intelligence than for those with intellectual disability.

    “You deserve to be known and accepted for who you truly are, and not your mask.”

    If you want to know whether you have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), help is available. At Adult Autism Assessment, LLC, we provide in-depth assessment for autism and a written report with all test results and diagnosis. You can get the answers you seek to better understand yourself, and to be empowered to overcome challenges which have stood in your way.

    Knowledge really is power.

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    “Today I have a full and meaningful life. I am content and happy and I am still just as autistic as I have always been.”

    Judy Endow, autistic author

    “I had a life-changing moment when I discovered, at the age of fifty, that I’m on the autism spectrum…This was the greatest gift I ever received, learning why I am the way I am.”

    Anita Lesko, autistic author

    “When I was diagnosed, it just gave me permission to be kinder to myself.”

    Hannah Gadsby, autistic comedian

    “My diagnosis was a relief. I no longer have to think of myself as being weird. I’m not weird. I’m only acting in a way that’s consistent with how my brain works. It would actually be weird for me to act any other way!”

    Kara, diagnosed at age 44

    Learning about autism started my journey of discover into why I am the way I am…I am not flawed, nor do I have a deficit. I just approach things in my own way…I don’t have to be like everyone else to be included and to be loved. I, in all my glorious and not-so-gloriious quirkiness, am deserving of a happy and healthy life!”

    Shanda K, diagnosed at age 51

    “I had never considered that I may be autistic until I came across an article about a woman who had been diagnosed as an adult. I read her story and was rather blown away at how much we had in common.”

    Jessica Dawn, diagnosed at age 33

    “Finally understanding that my experience of the world is different…allows me to understand my needs and ensure they are met…at this point I love being autistic.”

    Dr. Mary Doherty, autistic doctor

    “A formal diagnosis has undoubtedly changed my life.”

    Madge Wollard, autistic pianist

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