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    Jami Heyting
    Assessor and Counselor serving Washington

    Dr. Jami Heyting (she/her/hers) is an ADHD member of a neurodivergent 2e (twice exceptional) family, abundant with amazing Autists & ADHDers. It was the experiences that she and her family encountered living in a neurotypical world that ignited her passion to serve fellow neurodivergent folk.

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    Chihuly Garden and Glass Art Museum

    Seattle, WA

    An autistic man I know loves the Netflix TV show, Blown Away, a glass-blowing competition for glass artisans from across North America. The intensity of the colors, the imaginative shapes, and seeing them emerge from the fire, all work together to make this a visually compelling production.


    Autism-Friendly Services in WA State

    Washington State has a lot of autism-friendly services you may not be aware of. You’ve probably heard about the Autism Society of Washington, but have you heard about the Washington Autism Alliance, or the Autism Empowerment Support Group, or the Square Pegs Social Group in Seattle?