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    At Adult Autism Assessment, we provide telehealth assessment services for:

    Coming soon:

    • Neurodivergence-Affirming Counseling
      • We believe that neurodivergence is not a disease to be “cured.” but rather a difference to be celebrated. We affirm clients’ value exactly as they are, rather than trying to “fix” them.
    • Problem-Solving Partner Life Coaches
      • Life coaches trained in neurodiversity and supporting self-management programs come alongside clients to offer support in pursuing the goals that the clients have set for themselves.
    • Dating Life Coaches
      • Trained neurodivergent relationship life coaches partner with clients to work on self-esteem and the interpersonal skills which the client has chosen to develop in order to be comfortable and feel confident in dating situations.

    What is the cost for the assessments?

    Single Assessments:
    An ASD assessment is $2100.00, payable in three installments of $700.00, paid at the end of each of the three sessions.

    An assessment for ADHD alone, or for SPD alone, is $700.00, payable at the end of the single session.

    Two Assessments:
    ASD + ADHD or SPD is $2800.00, payable in four installments of $700.00 at the end of each of the four sessions.

    Three Assessments:
    ASD + ADHD + SPD is $3500.00, payable in five installments of $700.00 at the end of each of the five sessions.

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