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    Dating Coaching

    Are you tired of being single? Looking for someone special, but finding yourself discouraged? It can be frustrating trying to find your person in that huge ocean of possibilities and potential pitfalls. It’s hard to have perspective when you’re so close to the issue, especially when it’s important to you and you’ve been disappointed before.

    Do you need a Dating Coach in your corner?

    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth getting the support you need to do it well and with confidence. Anything we do in life is made up of learnable and teachable skills, and that includes dating. Do you need a dating handbook, but in human form? A Dating Coach might be just what you need.

    Do you need motivation?

    A lot of people who have been burned before hesitate to get back out there again. It’s hard to stay motivated on your own, though. With dating coaching you will have a cheerleader, reminding you of your goal and helping you keep on track to success.

    Do you want accountability?

    Many people will put off trying new experiences that might be new or uncomfortable for them. If they have an accountability partner, they’re much more likely to do the things they had planned to do. If you want to move forward on your dating path, your dating coach can remind you of what’s important.

    Are there social skills you’d like to develop?

    Your Dating Coach at Adult Autism Assessment will never tell you that you need to change, “fix” yourself, or be anyone other than who you are. The goal is to be able to drop the mask and live authentically. We will not impose on you the social skills expected by the neuromajority. That said, if you have identified for yourself particular social skills that you would like to develop or improve, ask your Dating Coach for support. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to social skills or behavior change, and only you.

    Would it help to have an optimist on your side?

    It’s easy to become discouraged, and having someone who believes in you can make a big difference. Your Dating Coach can point out the silver linings, remind you of your goal, and keep you focused on your target. Many people find themselves getting sucked into a negative spiral that keeps them paralyzed instead of getting back up, dusting themselves off, and getting back out there. If this sounds like you, maybe what you need is Dating Coaching to bring you back to your purpose. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, your Dating Coach will refer you to a counselor or therapist to help you cope. Life Coaches are not mental health professionals. Otherwise, your Dating Coach is the one who will walk beside you on your adventure into dating and relating.

    Dating Coaching for the DIYer

    If you want to start dating, but you’d rather do it on your own, consider checking out a book on the subject, such as Dating While Autistic by Wendela Whitcomb Marsh.

    Image with the book title "Dating While Autistic" which was written by a dating coach in Houston & Dallas, Texas. Representing a DIY option for dating coaching in Texas.

    Is it time to try dating coaching?

    If you’re ready to find your person, but you want a Dating Coach backing you up, we’re here for you. Remember, though, Dating Coaching is not a guarantee that you’ll find your person and live happily ever after like in the movies. Nobody gets a guarantee like that. Life is filled with ups and downs, but knowing it might be rocky is no reason to give up. Having someone on your side can keep you moving forward optimistically rather than getting stuck in the comments section of life.

    We’ve got your back.

    At Adult Autism Assessment we have a dating coach who can support you. Through dating coaching, you can gain confidence as you try to find your person. Get started by following these steps:

    1. Reach out or email [email protected] for a free consultation
    2. Get connected with a dating coach who is a good fit for you
    3. Move forward in your dating life optimistically

    You deserve support on your dating journey.

    Image of 2 mugs with cat faces on them. Representing the connection that can come from dating coaching in Oregon and Texas. With support form a dating coach in Oregon and Texas you can find the right person for you.

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    At Adult Autism Assessment we also choose your own life coaching adventure and time management help. In addition to Life Coaching, we offer assessments for Autism Spectrum DisorderADHD, and SPD.