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    Autism Assessment

    Image of a cat sitting in a chair looking across a glass. Are you considering getting an autism test for adults in Texas or Oregon? You can get an online autism spectrum test in Salem, OR, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX or anywhere else in Oregon or Texas.

    Have you ever wondered if you might be autistic?

    If you have, you are not alone.

    More and more people are getting a late diagnosis, never realizing that they were neurodivergent until adulthood.

    If you’re smart, observant, and able to imitate others and mask your autistic characteristics, then it’s not surprising that no one would have ever suspected that you were autistic all along.

    Autistic All Along

    Have you always felt different from everyone else?

    Did you struggle to make and keep friends?

    Has it been hard for you to communicate your feelings?

    Do you find certain sensory experiences to be almost intolerable, such as the sound of someone chewing or the feeling of seams on your socks and tags in your shirts?

    You may be autistic even though you were never diagnosed in childhood.

    Do you worry that it’s too late now that you’re an adult?

    It’s not too late for an autism assessment.

    It’s never too late to get autism testing.

    You are not too old.

    Whenever you find yourself wondering and searching,

    It’s the perfect time for you to get an autism assessment.

    Why should you get autism testing?

    Maybe you require an assessment and documentation of a diagnosis because you need accommodations at work or in school.

    Your company’s HR department, or disabled student services at your university, will require a formal diagnosis if you want accommodations as an autistic person.

    If you don’t need accommodations, you might not need an assessment.

    Many people self-diagnose.

    After all, who knows you better than you know yourself?

    But if you want your self-diagnosis confirmed and formalized, or if you need the paperwork for school or your career, autism testing may be right for you.

    Image of white flowers. Representing the comfort that can come from getting an autism spectrum test in Texas or Oregon. We offer reassurance through autism test for adults in Salem, Oregon and Dallas and Houston, Texas.

    You’ve come to the right place.

    At Adult Autism Assessment we work with all people and genders age 18 and older, and we specialize in diagnosing autism in women, nonbinary, trans folk, and anyone who has learned to mask their autistic characteristics well.

    Your assessor will work with you to document and analyze your history of behaviors through guided conversations and formal and informal autism tests and questionnaires.

    We will diagnose or rule out autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition, text revision (DSM-5-TR). This diagnosis can support needed accommodations in the workplace or in school. We do not give IQ tests or adaptive behavior measures when assessing for late-diagnosed autism, as one would if assessing a child. If you are seeking assessment for specific services, such as applying for disability, we recommend that you ask if they require assessment of intelligence and adaptive skills before choosing your assessment professionals.

    If you’ve been wondering whether you might be autistic and you’re looking for answers, look no further.

    We can help.

    Email our Practice Manager, the marvelous Meagan, at [email protected].

    She can get you set up for an intake appointment with a team member who is licensed in your state.  During the intake you’ll meet your assessor, and you can ask any questions. After a brief screening at the beginning of your intake session, you will have the opportunity to change your mind, and the rest of the assessment will be canceled. You will not be charged for the intake if you decide not to go forward with the assessment.

    No matter where you are on your journey of self-understanding, here you will find someone to really listen to you, without judgment.

    We are a neurodiversity-affirming practice, and many of our clinicians are autistic themselves, so we know that you’re not broken, you’ve just been autistic all along.

    There’s nothing wrong with being autistic.

    At Adult Autism Assessment will respect and value your uniqueness.

    We won’t dismiss your concerns and challenges.

    We will believe you when you share your lived experience.

    Imager of a tree shinning brightly in the sun. Representing the importance of getting a autism spectrum test in Oregon or Texas so that you can get accomidations.

    Take the next step & find out if you’re autistic

    Are you ready to find out if you are autistic? Our team of assessors at Adult Autism Assessment can help you get the accommodations you deserve to make it easier to thrive at school or work. To start the process of autism testing follow these steps:

    • Fill out the contact form below, and Meagan will be in touch by email to schedule your intake.
    • She’ll help you schedule your autism online testing at times that work for you.
    • Take that step to get answers and to know yourself better.

    Other Services We Offer

    In addition to autism assessment, we also provide ADHD assessment, neurodiversity-affirming counseling, and life coaching.