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    Laura Z Weldon
    Serving Oregon

    Laura Z Weldon (she/they) is an autistic naturopathic physician who loves supporting others in their exploration of how they think, feel, sense, and connect.

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    Jami Heyting
    Counselor serving Oregon

    Dr. Jami Heyting (she/her/hers) is an ADHD member of a neurodivergent 2e (twice exceptional) family, abundant with amazing Autists & ADHDers. It was the experiences that she and her family encountered living in a neurotypical world that ignited her passion to serve fellow neurodivergent folk.

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    Online Therapy in Oregon for Autism or ADHD

    Have you been diagnosed with autism or ADHD, and you want to start counseling with someone who really understands neurodiversity?  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps you live in Portland, Eugene, or Salem, and you just don’t have time to sit in traffic for an hour each way trying to get to a counseling appointment. Or you may live up in Sisters, or out west in Cannon Beach, and you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to mental health services. Maybe you just feel more comfortable attending counseling from the comfort of your own home.


    In Oregon

    If you live in Oregon and you’ve ever wondered if you might be on the autism spectrum, then you might be interested in Adult Autism Assessment & Services, based in the capital, Salem, Oregon. Find out if autism testing could be right for you. Before you start, you might be asking, what is involved in autism assessment? 

    Life Coaching

    If you’re depressed or overly anxious you might need therapy, and it would be smart to find a counselor who is neurodiversity-affirming. But maybe that’s not you. You don’t need therapy, you just need someone to talk to, a cross between your bestie and your best friend’s mom. You’d probably benefit from Life Coaching. It can help you increase your executive function skills, things like time management, organization, setting goals, and reaching them.