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    D Seright (they/them)

    Hi, I am so delighted you found your way here.

    I am a white, queer, genderqueer, afab, neuroqueer (AuDHD) licensed masters-level clinician (LMFT). I am passionate about supporting neurodivergent people in living their best, most liberated lives. Often this starts with a diagnosis leading to understanding. I can help you find answers even if you mask your autistic features. I have training in transgender healthcare and autistic/ADHD experience. If you’re in California or Oregon, and you think you might be autistic, I am here to help.

    Sensory-Friendly Children’s Museum

    Many autistic parents share challenging, extreme responses to sensory experiences. Something as seemingly simple as a trip to your local Albertson’s grocery store or visiting a big shopping mall like South Coast Plaza can become a sensory nightmare. Where can you take your kids, knowing they can have a good time without you becoming overwhelmed yourself? If you’re near La Habra, CA, in Orange County, check out the La Habra Children’s Museum.

    Why Californians Prefer Online Autism Assessment

    Many Californians prefer online or telehealth options when they’re looking for adult autism assessment or therapy. If you’ve ever driven some of those busy LA freeways, or steep, winding San Francisco streets, then you can imagine why that would be the case. But can you get an autism or ADHD assessment without leaving home?

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