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    Time Management Coaching

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    Many neurodivergent people find time management to be particularly challenging. They’d like to get a handle on it, but find that time keeps slipping through their fingers while they keep apologizing for being late or for missing dates and appointments. You might be one of these people who are capable and successful in many areas of your life, but still struggle with time management. Perhaps you could use some support through Time Management Coaching.

    Is Life Coaching for Time Management right for you?

    If this sounds like you, maybe you would benefit from a Time Management series of Life Coaching sessions. Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy. If you have issues with depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts or compulsions, or other mental health issues, it’s important to find yourself a counselor or therapist you can relate to. However, if your issue is not mental health but executive function, specifically in the area of time management, a Life Coach may be just what you need. Many people find it helpful to work with a Life Coach on the various aspects of Time Management that affect them, such as Time Comprehension, Time Planning, or Time Transitions.

    Is Time Comprehension a bit of a mystery for you?

    Many people don’t have a firm grasp on linear time itself. Lengths of time, such as 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours, all seem to blend together. They can’t predict how long it will take to do something, and this takes its toll. It’s hard to be the one who’s consistently late. No one wants to be nagged or scolded for their tardiness. If this sounds familiar, the strategies in the Time Management Coaching Time Comprehension session may be helpful for you.

    Are you frustrated with Time Planning?

    Perhaps your issue is organizing your time. How can you effectively plan out your days, weeks, and months so you can accomplish the things you’re capable of, if you can’t get a handle on Time Planning? There are key tips and strategies to help you master this skill in the Time Planning session of the Time Management Life Coaching series at Adult Austism Assessment.

    Do you struggle with Time Transitions?

    Many people find that the hardest part of Time Management is transitioning from one activity to another. This is especially true if you’re in the middle of a compelling activity that draws you in and down one rabbit hole after another. When the pull is powerful, it’s incredibly difficult to stop. The feeling has been described as wearing heavy, leaded armor, or being held to the preferred task by a powerful magnet.

    It is physically effortful to change activities in mid-stride. In life, though, there are times when you do have to switch gears and do something completely different, like fix yourself some lunch, take out the trash, or wash the dishes. But how can these mundane tasks compete with the fascinating thing you’re doing right that minute? They can’t. You need a strategic plan to take smaller, incremental steps and make the necessary transition. The Time Transition session of the Time Management Life Coaching series will help you do this.

    Time Management Coaching may be for you. 

    If any or all of these issues with time describe your relationship with the clock and the calendar, and you haven’t been able to get a firm hold of the problem on your own, a Life Coach can help. Your life coach can’t do the work for you, but they can unfold the map, point the way, offer suggestions and strategies to help with time management, and cheer your success.

    Work with a Life coach who understands.

    If you’re neurodivergent, it’s important to have a Life Coach who gets it, whether they are neurodivergent themselves, or they have a strong affinity for NDs. All of our Life Coaches are neurodiversity-affirming. This means they understand that there’s nothing wrong with having a different kind of brain, and autism and ADHD are not disorders to be fixed or diseases to be cured. Neurodiversity is natural. The problems come from living in a world that was not set up to be easy for ND folk. The neuromajority may not understand that not everyone relates to time in the same way they do. But your Life Coach understands and won’t try to change you.

    You’re in charge of your Time Management Coaching sessions. Do you want to skip Time Comprehension and Time Planning and spend all of your sessions working on Time Transitions? You’re the boss. Your Coach is there to help you get what you need out of your sessions.

    Time Management Coaching For The DIYer

    If you’d rather do it yourself, there are plenty of books, blogs, and information online about time management. May I recommend one?

    Wendela Whitcomb Marsh’s book, Independent Living with Autism: Your Roadmap to Success, devotes chapter 10 to Time Management. If you prefer to learn independently rather than working with a Life Coach, consider adding this book to your shelf, or ask your local library for this or other books about time management. 

    Image of the book "Independent Living with Autism" on a cellphone. Representing a DIY version of time management help. If you are not ready for time management coaching in Salem and Portland Oregon or Dallas, TX then this can help with learning strategies.

    Time Management Coaching can put you in charge of your time.

    Image of a sand timer in front of the ocean. Showing the importance of learning strategies to help with time management. Time management coaching in Texas, whether that is Dallas, Austin, or Houston, can help you navigate difficulties with time.

    Start Time Management Coaching

    Adult Autism Assessment can provide you with strategies to help with time management. If you’d like to connect with a Life Coach and start getting time management help, or any other Life Coaching support, follow these steps:

    1. Contact us or email [email protected] to set up a free consultation
    2. Start getting Time Management Coaching
    3. Connect with someone who gets it and can cheer you on

    Other Life Coaching & Neurodivergent Assessment Services We Offer

    Our life coaches offer more than time management help. We also offer choose your own life coaching adventure and dating coaching. Additionally, at Adult Autism Assessment we provide assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and SPD.