• Jami Heyting
    serving Oregon, Vermont, and Washington State

    Dr. Jami Heyting (she/her/hers) is an ADHD member of a neurodivergent 2e (twice exceptional) family, abundant with amazing Autists & ADHDers. It was the experiences that she and her family encountered living in a neurotypical world that ignited her passion to serve fellow neurodivergent folk. 

    Jami knows neurodivergence.

    She is a naturopathic physician, licensed in Washington and Oregon, with 17 years of wave-making experience in personalizing mental health care with neurodivergent individuals. She knows, understands, and values people with unique brains and different ways of looking at the world.

    You deserve to be seen, heard, and believed.

    Jami’s approach is client-centered and trauma-informed, and she is also experienced in gender affirming care. Working with Jami, you and your lived experiences will be validated, and you will receive the respect and understanding you deserve. 

    You deserve answers.

    If you wonder whether you might be neurodivergent or have a different kind of brain, Jami is here to help answer your questions through autism and/or ADHD testing. If you need coaching or counseling to navigate social barriers, Jami is here for you. She serves assessment and counseling needs in Oregon, Vermont, and Washington State, and life coaching nationwide. Schedule an intake session with Jami and take that important step to getting the answers you need. Email [email protected] and she will take it from there.