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    Serving assessment and counseling needs in Texas

    Life Coaching is also available in Texas, and across the United States. Meet our Life Coaches here.

    Get Tested for Autism in Texas

    Did you ever feel like you were different from most people? You may feel out of step with the crowd, misunderstood, on the fringes of the social gatherings. You’re not alone. Texas is filled with people who feel the same way.  Many of them decide to get tested for autism. They want answers. Maybe you do, too. Here at Adult Autism Assessment and Services we have team members who are licensed in Texas. They can help you get the answers you deserve.  Let us help you discover more about yourself and what makes you tick. You can read more about the autism assessment process here. If you want a free consultation to get your questions answered. Email Meagan at [email protected].

    Get Tested for ADHD in Texas

    Even if you weren’t tested for ADHD when you were a kid, it’s never too late. A lot of Texans are discovering that they’ve got ADHD as adults. People think of hyperactive little boys who can’t sit still in class, but ADHD looks different for girls than for boys, and for adults than for children. It might be that your attention seems narrow; you get so focused on one thing, or on a whole string of things, that you follow the jackrabbit down one internet hole after another. It might be that your attention is as wide as the state of Texas, and every tumbleweed that blows by, or anything that captures your attention, can lasso your mind and pull it away from what you wanted to do. It might be that you feel restless and fidgety. Whatever it is, if you want to find out more about yourself and your personal attention, help is available. You can get tested for ADHD as an adult, no matter how old you are. Email [email protected] and ask for a free consultation to learn more.

    Online Counseling in Texas

    If you live in the heart of Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas, and you want to make an appointment with a counselor, you may find yourself sitting in traffic or searching for parking. You were trying to relieve your stress, but it seems like more stress just to get there.

    Online therapy may be what you’re looking for. Stay in the comfort of your own home and your counselor is as close as your computer. [email protected] can get you on the right path to stress-free counseling from home.

    Life Coaching in Texas

    Are you a Texan who’s autistic, or has ADHD? Now that you’ve been diagnosed, do you wonder what comes next? Just because you’re neurodivergent, that doesn’t mean you need therapy. If you’re depressed or seriously anxious, you should get yourself a counselor. But maybe you don’t need that. Maybe you just want someone to talk to, someone halfway between a best friend and a counselor. You could use someone who will listen and really understand you. If you ever feel at loose ends, like you can’t seem to organize your life or make decisions, maybe a Life Coach is for you.

    Autism-Friendly Texas Events

    Whether you’re an autistic parent, or parent of autistic kids, or both, you might be looking for sensory-friendly and autism-friendly places to go in Texas. Here are some places to check out. Contact them first to find out about any sensory- or autism-friendly dates, times, or seasonal special events.

    • Accessibility Fest at Hemisfair, 434 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
    • Art for Autism at The Shops at La Cantera, 15900 La Cantera Parkway Suite 6698, San Antonio, TX 78256
    • Doseum, 2800 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
    • Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center, 198 Kempner Street, Sugar Land, TX, 77498
    • Kidcreate Studio, 21803 West Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX 78257
    • San Antonio Zoo, 3903 North St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78212
    • San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, TX, 78209
    • Sensory Backpacks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, 5555 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030
    • Texas Transportation Museum, 11731 Wetmore Road, San Antonio, TX 78247

    Autism Society of Texas: A New Look

    The Autism Society of Texas has a new look, but one thing hasn’t changed: they are still connecting families and individuals to the resources they need in communities across the state of Texas. Their clean, new logo and website highlight their commitment to the Texas autism community, as does their motto: The Connection is You TM.

    Pedernales Falls Texas State Park

    Many autistic and otherwise neurodivergent folk I know have a particular affinity with nature. They find a calming effect when they are out of the city or suburbs, and they can truly relax in the natural world. Every state has its beauty spot, and the great state of Texas is no exception. Have you visited Pedernales Falls State Park? If so, you don’t need me to tell you how beautiful it is. If not, consider exploring one of Texas’ beautiful state parks.