• Our Life Coaches

    Jami Heyting, Life Coach

    Dr. Jami Heyting (she/her/hers) is an ADHD member of a neurodivergent 2e (twice exceptional) family, abundant with amazing Autists & ADHDers. It was the experiences that she and her family encountered living in a neurotypical world that ignited her passion to serve fellow neurodivergent folk. 

    Morganne Crouser, Life Coach

    Morganne Crouser (they/them) is a queer, trans, neurodivergent (ADHD and Autism) clinician who has been working with the neurodivergent community since 2002. They take a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed approach to assessment and supporting other neurodivergent folks. If you’re looking for a Life Coach who has lived experience that you may be able to relate to, Morganne looks forward to chatting with you!

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