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    A New Look

    The Autism Society of Texas has a new look, but one thing hasn’t changed: they are still connecting families and individuals to the resources they need in communities across the state of Texas. Their clean, new logo and website highlight their commitment to the Texas autism community, as does their motto: The Connection is You TM.

    The Connection is You TM

    The Autism Society of Texas serves all kinds of autism-related needs, from connecting independent autistic adults with self advocacy education events, to supporting families of autistic individuals who need more substantial care. The four major care areas the focus on are Advocacy, Education, Recreation, and Support.


    Working with the Texas state legislature, the Society advocates for autistic Texans of all ages. They identify and bring to light key policy issues that affect autistic children and adults. Staff members of the Autism Society of Texas serve on the Autism Society of America’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee.


    Education is an important piece of the Autism Society of Texas mission. They are committed to spreading the word and educating people about autism. They work with families of autistic people and with members of the community to help Texans understand autism. They share written material on a range of topics related to the autism spectrum, and can even provide speakers when requested. Their newsletter informs the public about workshops, trainings, and presentation across the state. The society is always open to improving collaboration on educational initiatives.


    In addition to its work with legislation and education, the Autism Society of Texas also offers recreation opportunities for autistic children, families, and adults, some online and others in person. Their Round Rock Baseball outings have been a favorite, along with trips to water parks, hockey games, autism-friendly summer camps, and pool parties. Stay up to date on their offerings through their newsletter.

    AutFest 2022 in Austin, TX

    Texas’ own annual AutFest returns again for the fifth year. This year it will be presented both , in person in Austin, TX, and virtually, starting October 24, 2022. AutFest highlights a diverse array of experiences, interests, and perspectives, as well as challenges and triumphs of autistic people of all ages and abilities. The 2022 films include:

    • 299.00
    • The Academy of Extraordinary Heroes
    • Backyard Camping
    • Fierce Love & Art
    • The Home Office
    • Lionfish: Menace to the Atlantic Basin
    • Moving Into Adulthood

    Many businesses and groups in Texas have supported the 2022 AutFest as sponsors, helping to make this unique and valuable program, including the following:

    Leading Role Sponsors: ASPIRE ABA Therapy & Counseling • The Hart Family • Tier 3 Montessori • PHRMA
    Supporting Role Sponsors: Texas Cannabis Clinic • Kyo Autism Therapy • Autism Learning Partners • Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education
    Ongoing Support SponsorsSpark Learning • Greater Goods Coffee Roasters


    There are a lot of support groups to choose from through the Autism Society of Texas. Some are online through Facebook, Meetup, or email. There are in-person support meetings and social groups around the state. Austin Spectrum Girls is one of these groups. All of these support groups provide autistic people, their families, and the professionals who work with them, with the opportunity to share information, stories, and to feel connected.

    The Navigating Autism program is a free individualized support program operating through the Society. A wide range of support groups are available across the state, from Austin to Waco. For more information go to their website at www.texasautismsociety.org or email [email protected].

    Counseling and More

    If you live in Texas and are looking for a therapist who truly understands autism, we can help. Contact [email protected].

    If you want to learn more about the Autism Society of Texas, check out their new website at https://www.texasautismsociety.org/AutismSociety