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    Life Coaching is also available in Massachusetts, and across the United States. Meet our Life Coaches here.

    Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts

    Whether you’re an autistic parent, a parent of autistic kids, or both, if you’re like most families you’re always interested in finding fun things to do as a family.  One thing that a lot of neurodivergent (and neuro-majority) families love is spending time in nature. There are lots of outdoor nature activities available in Acton, Massachusetts, at the Discovery Museum. Read the full article to learn more.

    Online Therapy in Massachusetts for Autism or ADHD

    There are a lot of people in Massachusetts who are autistic or have ADHD.  Maybe you’re one of them. You might be looking for neurodiversity-affirming therapy. We can help you at Adult Autism Assessment & Services. You don’t even have to leave your home to see your counselor, because all of our services are online through telehealth, 100%. Maybe you live in a big city like Boston or Worcester, and you’re not keen on the idea of getting stuck in traffic on  I-93 or I-290, trying to get to your appointment. Or maybe you live on Popponesset Island, and there aren’t many mental health services near you. Anywhere you live in the Bay State of Massachusetts, you’ll never have to leave home for therapy. Learn more about the benefits of autism and ADHD telehealth therapy services here.

    BOUNCE: Altitude Trampoline Park in Massachusetts

    If you live in Massachusetts, or if you’ll be visiting the Old Bay State, and you’re a family of amateur athletes with a high activity level, consider the Altitude Trampoline Park for your next neurodivergent family outing. It’s a great MA destination for your bounciest neurodivergent kids who love to bounce.