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    BOUNCE: Altitude Trampoline Park in Massachusetts

    Great MA Destination for Autistic Parents and Active Kids

    If you live in Massachusetts, or if you’ll be visiting the Old Bay State, and you’re a family of amateur athletes with a high activity level, consider the Altitude Trampoline Park for your next neurodivergent family outing.

    Altitude Trampoline Park in Massachusetts


    Active Family Fun with trampolines, air bags, games, birthday parties, and more!


    Families, children and adults who enjoy active play


    • Avon, MA
    • Billerica, MA
    • Franklin, MA
    • Holyoke, MA
    • Marlborough, MA
    • North Attleboro, MA
    • Franchises in other states as well: check their website for the park nearest you.


    To have good fun, playing hard,  being active. This is great for people who seek kinesthetic sensory experiences.


    You will be asked to sign a waiver, so be aware that you are responsible for your own safety. If you have a family member who does not have good large motor control or who gets clumsy when they’re overstimulated, this might not be for you. Safety first!

    By the way, if you need to take a road trip to get to the nearest Altitude Trampoline Park, consider these Autistic Family Road Trip Tips. Stay safe, and have fun, everybody!