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    Life Coaching is currently available in Louisiana, and across the United States. Meet our Life Coaches here.

    Dr. Wendy

    At this time, we do not have a clinician who is licensed in your state. We are seeking to fill this position. In the meantime, Dr. Wendy (Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, MA, RSD) can provide a behavioral assessment to identify behaviors associated with an autism or ADHD diagnosis. She can conduct an in-depth evaluation and give you a comprehensive written report with diagnostic impressions showing how your reported and observed behaviors, characteristics, and traits align with diagnostic criteria, but it will not be a clinical diagnosis. If you need a formal clinical diagnosis for work, school, or other legal reasons, or if you need therapy, we unfortunately cannot meet your needs at this time. You should seek out a licensed professional in your state. However, if you have questions about whether you might be autistic or have ADHD and you want answers, but you don’t need a legal clinical diagnosis, then Dr. Wendy can help you.

    Life Coaching is available in your state, and across the nation. Meet our Life Coaches here.