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    Jami Heyting
    Assessor and Counselor serving Vermont

    Dr. Jami Heyting (she/her/hers) is an ADHD member of a neurodivergent 2e (twice exceptional) family, abundant with amazing Autists & ADHDers. It was the experiences that she and her family encountered living in a neurotypical world that ignited her passion to serve fellow neurodivergent folk.

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    Adult Autism Testing in Vermont

    Have you ever felt that you had a different kind of brain than most people have? Maybe you’ve always felt out of step with the rest of the world. Perhaps your communication style is unique, and most people just don’t get you. It may be that your amazing brain takes you on whirlwind tours of one rabbit hole after another, and you are carried along from one fascinating interest to the next. Or maybe you struggle to maintain relationships, you lose friends and don’t know what happened. Did everyone else get a handbook on social communication, but you didn’t get yours?

    Believe me, you’re not alone. Many people in Vermont have similar experiences. For a good number of them, getting tested for autism was exactly what they needed.