• Sensory Friendly Movies in Connecticut

    The Prospector Theater

    Have you ever gone to see a movie you’d been looking forward to, only to have your experience ruined by becoming overwhelmed by the sensory experience?

    For some, the volume in a theater is far too loud for comfort.

    Some people would like a snack or beverage, but the ones for sale are not their preferred brands.

    For others, the complete darkness in the theater can cause anxiety.

    Some people want more space between themselves and their neighbors.

    Others would like to bring their own cozy blanket, stuffed Squishmallows, or fidgets, but they don’t want to be judged by the staff or other movie-goers.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a movie theater that met your sensory needs?

    What’s needed is a movie experience designed for highly sensitive folk. If you live near Ridgefield, Connecticut, you’ll be happy to know that Prospector Theater offers Sensory Friendly Screenings.

    Sensory Friendly Screenings

    What we love:

    • Pre-Visits: If you have an autistic child or family member, or you are autistic yourself, you know how important it is to visit a new place before an event, so it will be familiar.
    • Lowered Volume: Most movie theaters have the volume so high that it can be painful even for people in the neuromajority. What a relief to have the sound turned down!
    • Escape Plan: There’s a special place inside the theater where you can get away from it all if you need to, the Chill Out Zone. Just ask an usher.
    • Low Lights: If you or someone in your family needs to stand up sometimes and move around, or head over to the Chill Out Zone, then having low lights rather than total darkness is important for safety.
    • BYO: Bring your own food and beverage, comparable to what is sold in the theater. Bring your own fidget, stuffed animal, or other comfort object. Bring your own blanket or pillow so you can get cozy while you watch the movie.
    • Cell Phones OK: Unlike most theaters, here you and your child can use your phones or electronic devices, whatever makes you feel comfortable and at home.

    What they offer:

    • Screening staff members available to help.
    • Quiet lobby
    • Captions
    • No trailers
    • Check out (at no cost)
      • Weighted lap pads
      • Strobe-canceling glasses
      • Earmuffs or Ear plugs
      • Fidget sensory boxes

    Where to find them:

    • 25 Prospect St, Ridgefield, CT 06877
    • Just off Main Street on Prospect
    • South of We Will Ride Therapeutic Riding equine therapy.
    • North of the Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield
    • East of Ballard Park

    Be sure to contact Prospector Theater at (203) 438-0136 to find out when their next Sensory Screening is scheduled, and what movie will be showing. If you’re in Connecticut near Ridgefield and you have the opportunity to enjoy a sensory-friendly movie experience, I hope you’ll write and let me know what you saw, and how you enjoyed it. Happy movie-going!

    Read more about what sensory friendly means for you.