• Why Californians Prefer Online Autism Assessment

    California is known as a state for drivers. As of 2023, the California DMV records show that almost 36 million cars were registered in California. Most Californians have cars, and would rather drive themselves than call an Uber or Lyft. And yet, when it comes to seeing a counselor, many Californians, from San Francisco to San Diego, would rather stay home.  They hate getting stuck in traffic on the infamous 405 or the 5. That’s where online therapy comes in handy for a lot of people.

    But what about autism assessment?

    Can adults really get an autism diagnosis through telehealth, without seeing a professional in person?

    Yes, you can. Adult Autism Assessment & Services provides autism and ADHD assessment via telehealth. We use a combination of interview, telehealth observation, and formal and informal measures designed to look behind the mask and get to your truth. You can stay home and be comfortable, cuddle your cat or pet your pup, enjoy your favorite snack or beverage, or do whatever you need to feel at ease. There’s no need to mask or try to “pretend to be normal.”  Many of our team members are neurodivergent themselves, and everyone on the team is neurodiversity affirming. They know where you’re coming from and they are here for you. Your clinician will listen and believe you when you share your lived experience, and help you find your answers.

    Contact Meagan for an Appointment

    If you’re interested in assessment, email [email protected] and she will arrange an intake session with our team member who is licensed to diagnose autism and ADHD in California.

    This isn’t Meagan, of course. Meagan is a human. I just really like this picture.