• Vamsi Tummalachetty
    Assessor serving multiple states

    Dr. Tummalachetty is a board-certified clinical psychologist who specializes in delivering psychotherapy services to people who are struggling with a variety of mental health disorders and presenting problems. He holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Child and Family Therapy Clinic and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

    Dr. Tummalachetty is fully competent in delivering interventions and treatment to individuals from a variety of ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds and is devoted to adapting his services to the unique needs of clients from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Tummalachetty’s broad exposure to a wide array of clinical settings, diagnoses, and mental health populations, coupled with his warm, genuine, and personable disposition, are the reasons he has been a trusted and sought after professional among numerous clients and families.