• Adult Autism Testing in California

    California is a bustling state, probably one of the most diverse states in the union. From Mount Whitney in the Sierras, to the shores of Huntington Beach; from the Golden Gate Bridge to Death Valley; and from the Hollywood Hills to Yosemite National Park, the range of sights and experiences in CA is astounding. Among the 40 million people living in the state more than 15 different languages are spoken. What a lot of diversity!

    But, in the midst of all of the diverse places, experiences, and people in California, do you ever fee that you are different, in a way that’s difficult to explain? Perhaps you have always felt out of step with the rest of the crowd. Maybe your communication style is unique, and other people just don’t get you, and you don’t get them, either. It may be that your fantastic brain takes you on whirlwind tours of every rabbit holes in the internet, and you are carried along with no awareness of the passing of time. You may dread going to parties that others look forward to, and you might be tired of always needing a system or routine for maintaining eye contact, or navigating small talk. It’s exhausting, and you’d rather just stay home. Californians are known around the world for being “laid back,” but maybe you’re stressed and anxious all the time, trying to fit in with people who don’t understand or appreciate you.

    Believe me, if this sounds like you, you are not alone. Plenty of people in California have similar experiences. For many, getting assessed for autism was just what they needed to understand themselves better.

    Autism Testing for Adults in California

    If you live anywhere in the state of California, and you think you might be autistic, we can help. At Adult Autism Assessment & Services, we’re neurodiversity-affirming. In other words, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with you if your brain is different from the average brain. If you have a unique way of looking at the world and you march to a different drummer, that’s not a problem to be fixed. Unique ways of thinking are important to our advancement on this planet, so we highly value neuro-diversity. But if your different way of looking at things makes it hard for you to find your place, and you wonder if you might be autistic, we are here for you. We provide autism testing for adults living anywhere in California and across the United States. Because we are a 100% telehealth practice, it doesn’t matter where you live, anywhere from San Francisco to San Diego and everywhere else in the Golden State. We will listen to you, believe you, and help you get the answers you need and deserve.

    How to Get Tested for Autism in California

    Wherever you live in California, from the mountains of the Adobe Hills to the Yuba Sutter Buttes, state beaches from Asilomar to Will Rogers, or cities from Anaheim to Yorba Linda, we have a professional on our team who is ready to work with you today. We don’t have a waiting list at Adult Autism Assessment & Services. When you’re ready to go forward with your autism assessment, we’re ready to get it on the calendar. Email [email protected]