Adult Autism Assessment, LLC, is a neurodiversity-affirming practice.

    That means that everyone on our team holds these values:

    • There are natural differences along the spectrum of human brains.
    • Every person and every brain is unique and valuable.
    • Brain difference, or neurodiversity, is not a disease to be cured.
    • There is nothing “wrong” with having a unique brain.
    • Different ways of thinking should be celebrated rather than discouraged.
    • Neurodiversity is not a problem that must be solved.
    • It is a difference to be respected.
    • Starting to sound repetitive? It’s because this is a concept worth repeating.

    People who are neurodivergent, those who identify as autistics, ADHDers, or with other brain differences, are valuable just as they are. In a more perfect world, they would not feel the need to mask, or to pretend to be what the majority consider “normal.” At Adult Autism Assessment, LLC, we believe this, and look forward to a future where people can feel free to be themselves and be accepted and respected for it. More about us:


    Our mission is to provide answers for adults who wonder if they are autistic or otherwise neurodivergent. We do this using evidence-based and diagnostically aligned tools and ethical assessment practices. Our assessment is designed to look behind the masks that so many have created for themselves in an effort to camouflage their neurodivergent characteristics. By listening to our clients, respecting that they know themselves better than we can know them, and believing them when they share their own lived experiences, in conjunction with formal and informal assessment tools, we can find the answers they seek.


    We have a vision to provide respectful, appropriate, and affordable diagnostic assessment and services for neurodivergent adults throughout the United States and beyond. We hope to normalize neurodivergence while helping neurodivergent people find the understanding, accommodations, and services they need.


    As a neurodiversity-affirming practice, we believe that autism, ADHD, and other brain differences are not diseases to be cured or problems to be solved, but rather individual differences to be respected and celebrated. We value each person’s uniqueness. As a practice, we strive to hire employees with disabilities, especially neurodivergent clinicians who have a personal understanding of our population.

    If you feel comfortable or at ease while stimming, we offer a place where it is safe to stim. You don’t have to be concerned about what other people might think about it.

    If you’d rather not worry about looking right at someone’s eyeballs, feel free to look away. You don’t need to try to maintain eye contact on our account.

    If you don’t want to think about what sort of facial expression you should put on in order for people to understand your words and believe you, no problem. You can let your face do whatever it does. We promise we will take you at your words, rather than taking your facial expression the wrong way.

    We get it.

    You deserve to be your authentic self without camouflaging who you are.

    And that’s what we mean when we say we’re proud to be a Neurodiversity Affirming Practice.