• Whitney Kyle
    Life Coach, nationwide

    Whitney Kyle is a Masters level Life Coach, serving the coaching needs of neurodivergent clients across the country on telehealth. She has experience working with neurodivergent people both professionally and as a family member. Whitney loves helping her clients find their strengths, meet their goals, and get to know themselves better.

    Do you want help with Executive Function skills?

    Whitney is experienced in helping people set their own goals and work to meet them to improve their executive functioning. Memory problems? Time management? Organization? Whitney can come alongside and help you make the changes you want for yourself. She will never tell you what you need or how you should change; you are in the driver’s seat and decide for yourself what you want to change. Working with Whitney, you can take greater control of your life and your future.

    Are you looking for Relationship Coaching?

    Whether you’re in a relationship and want couples’ communication coaching, or you’d like to improve your dating skills, Whitney can help. Having a coach may give you the encouragement and confidence you need and deserve.

    How do you know if Life Coaching is right for you?

    Meet Whitney in a free telehealth consultation. You can talk to her, hear what she has to say about a Life Coaching journey, and start getting to know her before you decide. She’s here to help.

     Email [email protected] and ask for a free consultation with Whitney. You deserve support from someone who really gets you and is on your side.