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    Laura Z Weldon
    Serving Oregon

    Laura Z Weldon (she/they) is an autistic naturopathic physician who loves supporting others in their exploration of how they think, feel, sense, and connect. Laura is breaking new ground in looking at how society and medicine can work together to support neurodivergent people, people with different brains. Do you have questions about how different or out of place you may have felt in a social maze? Do you struggle to master your own attention in a world full of distractions that pull at you? Autism or ADHD assessment with Laura may give you answers, perspective, and peace.

    A new way of thinking.

    Who you are as a person, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is connected. Do you wonder why life is a struggle for you sometimes? Is it chronic pain or fatigue? Mental or emotional health issues? Or perhaps it’s that you have a different kind of a brain? You may be exhausted, and tired of being misunderstood. Autistic burnout is real.

    You deserve answers.

    Laura loves working with people just like you, people at the intersection of neurodivergence and chronic physical and/or mental health conditions. It’s not just her master’s degree in integrative mental health and her doctorate in naturopathic medicine that make people want to work with her. More than all of her training and education, Laura’s personal life experience make her easy to relate to. She is passionate about exploring the relationship between disability and wellness. She deeply believes it is possible to be autistic, and disabled, and well. Discover how an assessment with Laura can help guide you to self-understanding and well-being.

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