• Lara Thompson
    Assessor serving Connecticut

    Lara (she/they) is a later-in-life diagnosed neuroqueer naturopathic physician who is passionate about supporting adults in their neurodivergent discovery process.

    The health care system can be frustrating, soul crushing, and often traumatizing.  Lara’s lived experience with neurodivergence, physical and mental health conditions have given them a unique perspective on the significance of the relationship between the nervous system and overall wellbeing in the body.

    Maybe you are looking for someone to validate your lived experience? Perhaps you feel like you’ve been missing the ‘how to human’ operating manual for existing in a neuro-typically designed world?

    ​You don’t need to suck it up, keep pushing yourself, ignore your intuition, mask or hide who you are, or stop asking questions in order to receive support.

    Lara’s life experience coupled with clinical experience in naturopathic medicine and social work create a safe, judgment free space where you are supported in affirming who you are, and learning more about how your brain and body work.