• Jillian Carroll,
    Assessor and Therapist
    Serving Colorado, Florida, and Texas

    Hello, I’m Jillian. I am a neuro-affirming therapist surrounded by neuro-diverse love and relationships. I’ve always had a deep connection with different and interesting people. I bring my unique perspective, lived experience, and training to help adults access autism and ADHD evaluations tailored to their needs and individual circumstances.

    Each person I work with deserves a personalized approach. Whether it is flexibility in scheduling, the duration of our sessions, or privacy concerns, in a world that often fails to accommodate neurodivergent individuals, I will take great care to ensure you feel safe, heard, and validated.

    Having a neuro-difference can be challenging, and may impact your relationships, learning, working, and parenting. Do you need the accommodations, understanding, and validation that come with a correct and accurate diagnosis of Autism or ADHD? Let me help you find the right path forward with greater self-knowledge. It is never too late for an official diagnosis to improve your life.