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    Jeff Zeigler, LPC-A
    Serving Texas

    Jeff Zeigler is a neurodiversity affirming Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Texas License #88432, supervised by Dr. Paul Jurek, LPC-S, L#1121. Jeff serves counseling needs in Texas. As an autistic man who also has ADHD, Jeff knows being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world can be difficult. Masking or camouflaging to survive is exhausting. Are you looking for ways to live in the world without compromising who you are? If you’ve been searching for answers and finding none, if you feel stuck and need help, Jeff is here for you. He would be honored to go alongside you in your adventure to find yourself. And not only to find your true self, but to embrace that self and live from your authenticity rather than against it. Jeff will collaborate with you in a safe, non-judgmental space to allow your authentic self to emerge. Get in touch now and start your journey with Jeff. Email [email protected]. Meagan will take care of scheduling your free consultation so you can meet Jeff on telehealth.  If you have questions for Jeff before you decide to go for the free consultation, you may email him directly at [email protected]. You deserve a counselor who really understands your path, because he has walked that path himself.