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    Danielle Ryer
    Life Coach

    Danielle (she/her) is an openly autistic Life Coach and Master Social Worker. Her work is neurodiversity-affirming, which means she does not try to change who you are, but rather help you understand what brings you peace. She will work with you to set your own goals and achieve them.

    If you’re an autistic person you may be wondering, “How do I discover what I want out of life?” “How can I learn to be myself and become more independent?” “How do I know who my friends are?” “How do I navigate the dating scene to find my person?”

    These questions are normal and healthy to ask, and no matter what you’re going through, Danielle can relate to your journey.

    No one gives us a handbook on life. Danielle asks questions that are geared toward helping you get what you want out of life, to confidently ask for what you need, and to improve the quality of your communication and relationships. As a highly social autistic person with years of experience coaching and advocating for others, Danielle would love to be there for you and help you achieve your own goals.

    If you’d like to schedule a free telehealth consultation to meet Danielle and talk to her about a Life Coaching package that might be right for you, Meagan can get you set up and on the calendar. Email her at [email protected] and let her know you want to meet Danielle for a free consultation.

    If you have questions for Danielle before you decide to go for the free consultation, you may email her directly at [email protected].

    You deserve to work with a coach you can be yourself around, who really gets you.