• Adult Autism and ADHD Testing in Texas

    Image of a bridge going over a river in Texas. Representing that you do not have to travel to get ADHD testing in Houston, Dallas, or anywhere in Texas. You can get your ADHD diagnosis in Dallas from home.

    Have you ever felt that you had a totally different kind of brain than the rest of the world? Maybe you’ve always felt out of step with the crowd. Perhaps your communication style is entirely your own, and other people don’t get you. It may be that your amazing brain takes you on whirlwind tours down jackrabbit holes, and you’re carried along, unable to rein it in. It could be that you have a body that has to stay in motion and you can’t convince yourself to just be still.

    Believe me, you are not alone. Plenty of other Texans feel the same way. For a lot of them, getting tested for autism or ADHD was exactly what they needed.

    Autism Testing for Adults in Texas

    If you think you might be autistic, we can help. At Adult Autism Assessment & Services, we’re neurodiversity-affirming. In other words, we don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with you if your brain is different. It doesn’t matter if you don’t march in lockstep with the rest of the world. Having your own way of thinking is important; we value neuro-diversity. But if your differences are making it hard for you to get along at work or at home, and you wonder if you might be autistic, we can help. We provide online autism testing for adults living anywhere in Texas, and across the United States. Because we are a 100% telehealth practice, it doesn’t matter where you live, anywhere from Amarillo to Brownsville. We can help you get the answers you need and deserve.

    What to Expect from Adult Autism Assessment

    There are several steps to getting an autism assessment with us:

    Before your Sessions

    • EMAIL our Practice Manager, the marvelous Meagan, at [email protected]
    • INVITATION. Complete the Client Information form she’ll send you and sign the Consultation Invitation. You’ll be offered a free, online consultation, at a day and time that works for you, with one of our team members who is licensed to diagnose autism in Texas
    • CONSULTATION. At your consultation, you’ll have up to 30 minutes to ask your questions and get answers, and start to get to know the person who can work with you on your autism assessment.
    • SCHEDULE. If you choose to go forward with the assessment, Meagan will give you a few more forms to fill out, and then she’ll schedule 3 assessment appointments with you.

    First Session

    • The screening session. At the first assessment session, you’ll complete a brief Yes/No screener in an interview with your assessor. If the screener looks like it’s probably not autism, you’ll be given the chance to end the whole process right there, and owe us nothing. Otherwise, you’ll go on to answer another set of questions that day.  The session might take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on whether you answer the questions briefly, or provide extra information. Either way is fine with us, you are in control of how much or how little you talk, as long as you answer the yes/no questions. We’ll let you know every step of the way if it looks like you’re on track for a diagnosis, and that you made the right choice in seeking out autism assessment.

    Second Session

    • At your second assessment session, there are two more Yes/No assessment tools to complete with your assessor. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a big talker and you say nothing but “Yes” and “No,” or if you go on to describe why you gave that answer in great detail, either way it’s fine. We can get the information we need if you don’t like to go into detail, but if you’re comfortable talking a lot about each question, we are here to listen. This session might last about an hour. At the end of this session, we’ll let you know again if you’re still on the path toward diagnosis. If not, we’ll talk about it.

    The Third Session

    • The thrid session is the final session. At the third assessment session, there are two more questionnaires to complete, to give us the final answers to confirm the diagnosis. This might be the shortest session, so there will be time for questions and discussion. At the end of this session, we’ll tell you whether or not you’re autistic. Since we keep you in the loop all along the way, it should be no surprise. 

    After Your Autism Testing

    • DIAGNOSTIC LETTER. Within about 48 hours we will upload a brief Diagnostic Letter onto the Client Portal for you.
    • DIAGNOSTIC REPORT. Several weeks after that, we will upload the full written report, detailing why and how we came to the determination and diagnosis.
    • AFTER THE DIAGNOSIS. You will be enrolled in a free email course, Autism: After Diagnosis (AUT:AD) created for you by our CEO, Wendela Whitcomb Marsh. A couple of times a week you’ll get an email. These will take you through what the diagnosis means, and the characteristics or features of autism, along with strategies for navigating the neuro-majority world as a neuro-divergent person.
    • STAY IN TOUCH. If you have any questions about your diagnosis, you are invited to email your assessor to get answers.
    • OTHER SERVICES. If you need neurodiversity-affirming Counseling or Life Coaching, we can help. Contact [email protected].


    Benefits of a Late Diagnosis of Autism

    • Understand Your Social Self. Knowing that you are autistic means you’re not socially broken, you just have different social needs and comfort levels as compared to the neuro-majority. You can allow yourself to say “No” to the social events that would be too hard on you, and when you choose to attend social activities, schedule planned recovery afterward.
    • Understand Your Sensory Needs. You’re not weaker than people who take sensory experiences in stride; your system receives sensory input at a heightened level, so you deserve the right to accommodate your sensory sensitivities.
    • Understand Your Communication Style. It’s not that you’re a poor communicator, it’s just that your communication style is different from the neuro-majority. The burden should not be 100% on you if there is a social miscommunication, because every misunderstanding has two sides. Knowing you’re autistic can free you to advocate for understanding and acceptance of your unique communication style.

    How to Get Tested for Autism in Texas

    Wherever you live in the Lone Star State, from El Paso to Galveston, we have a professional on our team who is ready to work with you today. We don’t have a waiting list at Adult Autism Assessment & Services. Whenever you’re ready to go forward with your autism assessment, we’re ready to get it on the calendar. Email [email protected] 

    Image of a white start on a wood background. Representing that you can get an autism test for adults from anywhere in the lonestar state of Texas. Whether you are in Dallas or Houston, TX get answers from an autism test.

    ADHD Testing for Adults in Texas

    If you’re a Texan and you suspect you might have ADHD, we’re here to help. At Adult Autism Assessment & Services, we’re specialists in ADHD testing as well as autism. And being neurodiversity-affirming means we’ll never shame you for your ADHD characteristics. Having a brain that’s so fascinated by everything that it’s difficult to rein it in can be a feature, not a bug. Even though you know there’s nothing wrong with being an ADHDer, would it be helpful for you to have a formal diagnosis?

    You can come to us for ADHD testing for adults living across the state of Texas, or anywhere else in the United States. All of our services are online, so you can stay in your own home, take a walk, or fidget with whatever you like, throughout your assessment. We want you to be comfortable.  Wherever you are, from the panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico, we’re here to help you get answers about whether or not you’re an ADHDer.

    What to Expect from Adult ADHD Assessment

    The steps to getting an ADHD assessment are very similar to the autism assessment:

    Before Your ADHD Testing

    • Contact Meagan, at [email protected] and let her know you’re interested in an ADHD assessment. If you want both autism and ADHD, that’s fine, too.
    • INVITATION. If you haven’t already done this for an autism assessment, you’ll complete the Client Information form and sign the Consultation Invitation so Meagan can get your consultation on the calendar. 
    • CONSULTATION. At your consultation, you’ll have up to 30 minutes to ask your questions about ADHD assessment and get to know each other.
    • SCHEDULE. If you decide on ADHD testing, Meagan will give you a few more forms to fill out, and then she’ll schedule an assessment appointment for you. It only takes one.

    During Your ADHD Testing in Texas

    • ADHD ASSESSMENT SESSION. Because ADHD is a less complex condition than autism, we can complete the assessment in one session, which will probably take an hour. There will be three assessment tools used in this session. One will be to ask you about your childhood experiences related to ADHD. The second one is a standardized test of ADHD in adults, and there will be one more yes/no questionnaire specific to adult presentation. At the end of the session, your professional will most likely be able to tell you whether or not you have ADHD, and they may or may not be able to tell you which type of ADHD you have.

    After Your ADHD Testing

    • DIAGNOSTIC LETTER. Within 2 or 3 days, we’ll upload your brief Diagnostic Letter onto the Client Portal. This letter will specify whether you have the Inattentive type, Impulsive-Hyperactive type, or Combined type.
    • DIAGNOSTIC REPORT. A few weeks after your letter, your written report will be uploaded onto the, demonstrating exactly why and how your diagnosis was made.
    • AFTER THE DIAGNOSIS. You will be enrolled in a free email course, ADHD: After Diagnosis (ADHD:AD) created for you by Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, CEO of Adult Autism Assessment & Services. A couple of times a week you’ll get another email, taking you through what your diagnosis means, and the characteristics or features of the different types of ADHD, along with tips for succeeding in the neuro-majority world as an ADHDer.
    • STAY IN TOUCH. Any questions about your diagnosis? You’re welcome to email your assessor to get the answers you need.
    • OTHER SERVICES. If you need Online Therapy or Life Coaching from a neurodiversity-affirming professional, email [email protected].


    Benefits of a Late ADHD Diagnosis

    • Understand Your Attention. If you thought that the way your brain bounces around from one topic to another was a sign of weakness, now you know it’s perfectly normal for an ADHDer, it’s just the way your brain works. Everything is interesting!
    • Understand Your Impulsivity. If you thought that acting impulsively was a sign of poor self-control, now you know it’s just the way your brain responds to new ideas. There’s so much to see and do!
    • Understand Your Hyperactivity. If you thought that your high activity level was a sign of immaturity, now you know that your brain functions better when you are moving. Play to your strength!

    How to Get Tested for ADHD in Texas

    Anywhere you live in the great state of Texas, we have a team member who’s standing by to work with you. There’s no waiting list. When you’re ready to get answers, we’re ready to help. Email [email protected] 


    Sensory Processing Assessment

    Sensory Processing Disorder is not an official diagnosis in the DSM-5-TR. However, a lot of people struggle to understand and process information from their senses. They may be seeking sensory information, or avoiding sensory overload, or they may have trouble understanding sensory input, or they might get their senses confused. Many people with sensory challenges find that an autism assessment gives them the information they need. If you don’t believe that you’re autistic and you do want a sensory processing assessment, we offer a one-session assessment similar to the ADHD assessment. If this is right for you, email [email protected]

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